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Sun Stone - 3-Way Necklace & Bracelet

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The golden glow of Amber combined with the neutral shades and random patterns of Bloodstone and Sardonyx White Agate makes for an elegant and timeless Mala design. The additional texture from Natural Darkwood and glittering gold tone accents creates a style that is tre Earthy Chic.  

Amber holds a strong connection to the Sun and Earth.  Known for renewal and cleansing, those who meditate believe that Amber’s energy neutralizes heavy moods and bad vibes - cleaning your emotional house by removing negative energy and replacing it with positivity.  Bloodstone (also referred to as Sun Stone) was considered to be the most beautiful of the Jaspers since ancient times, a deep earthy green gem emboldened with spots of red and treasured for centuries as a talisman of life, vitality and passion - its energy protective and nurturing. Sardonyx White is associated with courage, happiness and clear communication.  Sardonyx is thought to attract friends and good fortune and bring lasting happiness and stability to partnerships.

Sun Stone is a 36” single strand necklace made with 10mm beads.  This 3-way stretch necklace is lightweight and designed for easy wear, transitioning seamlessly from a single strand, to a collar necklace or layered bracelet. Made with sturdy, stretch beading cord that is pliable enough to wrap multiple ways while retaining its shape - no cumbersome clasps. A beautifully natural and versatile accessory that is perfect for every day wear, for travel or yoga.

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