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Scarlet - Single Strand Bracelet

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This exclusive Scarlet bracelet boasts a distinctive design: featuring intricately patterned Imperial Red Jasper Stones, polished Black Onyx stones, a Jade stone, and silver toned accents. With its elegant yet daring style, this unique piece is sure to make a statement.

Jasper is a “Stone of Stability.” Known as "The Supreme Nurturer," it promotes tranquility and wholeness. This healing gemstone sustains and supports during stressful times and encourages a connection between you and the earth. Black Onyx has long been associated with new beginnings and regeneration in many cultures. 

Scarlet is a graceful, single strand bracelet that is elegant, yet unassuming, and humble by design.  Made with 10 mm beads and stretch beading cord for comfortable one size fit.  Elevate your outfit with this stylish accessory, perfect for every day wear. Bracelets within the Inner Circle collection are complementary by design and can be easily stacked for a stunning layering effect.