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Royal Hues - Single Strand Bracelet

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Presenting the Royal Hues bracelet, a discriminating and regal design.  The vibrant purples and rich blues of the Purple Jade and Blue Agate stones are complemented with gold-tone accents, creating a stunning depth of colour. The leaf charm symbolizes truth and guidance, complimenting this strikingly elegant and tasteful combination of gems. This timeless piece is sure to delight.

Purple Jade energies are believed to help us to see clearly, with an open heart and a wise mind. It strengthens our intuition and protects our aura.  Folklore suggests blue agate can help weak souls gain strength through understanding, which makes it particularly attractive to those looking to strengthen their own will power.  In modern meditation, blue agate has been known to carry additional meanings such as protection, transformation, courage and truthfulness.

Royal Hues is a graceful, single strand bracelet that is naturally elegant and humble by design.  Made with 10 mm beads and stretch beading cord for a comfortable one size fit.  Elevate your outfit with this stylish accessory, perfect for every day wear. Bracelets within the Inner Circle collection are complementary by design and can be easily stacked for a stunning layering effect.