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Rosebud - 2-Way Necklace & Bracelet

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Set yourself apart from the crowd with our unique and elegant Rosebud two-way necklace/bracelet. The stunning blend of polished black Agate  and strikingly patterned Dragon Agate, is beautifully contrasted by luminous white Jade stones and a vibrant red Howlite focal bead adding a tasteful pop of color.  Silver toned accents and a Dragon Agate bead charm, complete this elegant design making it the perfect accessory to any wardrobe.

Dragon Agate is believed to be a cleansing crystal that transforms and eliminates negative energy - balancing yin-yang (opposite energies), physical, intellectual and spiritual energies.  White Jade’s energy is known to be peaceful, joyful and gently aids us to be compassionate and forgiving - reminding us that forgiveness is not synonymous with being passive but rather a way of cutting ties with resentment which does not serve us.  Howlite is a calming stone believed to ease communication, heighten awareness and encourage emotional expression.​​​​​​​

Rosebud is an 18” single strand necklace made with 10mm polished, stone beads with silver toned accents. This versatile, lightweight design is a one size fit that can be worn as a collar length necklace or layered bracelet, fitting comfortably on your wrist or neck. Made with sturdy, stretch beading cord that is pliable enough to wrap multiple ways while retaining its shape - no cumbersome clasps. A beautifully natural and versatile accessory that is perfect for every day wear.