Beaded Treasures by Dana

Rainforest - Men’s 2 Piece Bracelet

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Rainforest is a unique piece with an organic vibe that recognizes the importance of rainforests in the world. Crafted from natural wood and stunning green Bloodstone, each bracelet has its own unique detail, from the earthy red flecks of the Bloodstone to its emulations of a forest floor, cool streams, and mossy boulders. Crafted with semi precious stones that are believed to have protective properties, and provide guidance and courage while delivering energies of growth and wisdom.

Rainforest is a 2 piece Mens bracelet set with both 10 mm and 6mm beads.  Bracelets are made using stretch beading cord for a comfortable one size fit and easy wear without cumbersome clasps.  Worn layered, individually or along side a watch - accessory for every day casual wear.