Beaded Treasures by Dana

Onyx & Net - Single Strand Bracelet

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The captivating beauty of contrast comes alive in this striking bracelet design. A sophisticated vibe with visual interest is created with this combination of muted blush patterns running through creamy coloured Net Jasper stone, polished Black Onyx, white Agate and gold toned accents with a delicate “Leaf” charm symbolizing growth and renewal. 

Net Jasper is believed to both calm and balance emotions and bring us peace of mind.  Known to help to instil in us strength, stability, courage and leadership.  In short, meditators believe that Net Jasper energies help us to not just cope with life - but to meet it head on.  Black Onyx has long been associated with new beginnings and regeneration in many cultures.  Agate stones are believed to have protective energies helping to anchor one to the earth and feel balanced and centred.

Onyx & Net is a graceful, single strand bracelet that is elegant yet humble by design.  Made with 10 mm beads and stretch beading cord for a comfortable one size fit.  The perfect accessory for every day wear.