Beaded Treasures by Dana

Moon Flower - 2-Way Necklace & Bracelet

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Moon Flower is a unique and striking design crafted using natural woods and featuring beautifully painted wood beads with botanical patterns in deep shades of burnt sienna. The unconventional square shapes of the dark wood beads add contrast, depth and intrigue to this artistic design, finished with gold-toned accents. This versatile piece can be worn 2 ways either as a collar length necklace or layered as a bracelet, making it perfect for any occasion.  The symbolic qualities associated with wooden beads are known as strength, growth,flexibility, generosity, and idealism. Experience the beauty of Moon Flower for yourself!

Moon Flower is an 18” single strand necklace made with 12 mm natural wood beads with gold toned accents. This versatile, lightweight design is a one size fit that can be worn as a collar length necklace or layered bracelet, fitting comfortably on your wrist or neck. Made with sturdy, stretch beading cord that is pliable enough to wrap multiple ways while retaining its shape - no cumbersome clasps. A beautifully natural and versatile accessory that is perfect for every day wear.