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Krobo Vibe- Memory Wrap Bracelet

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This vibrant and energetic Memory Wrap bracelet design boasts bright African Krobo beads from Ghana, hand-painted by local artisans and contrasted with polished black and lime Agate stones and silver toned accents with “Tree of Life” charms. These striking and sustainable beads are crafted using recycled glass and bottles, full of cultural and ritual significance for the Krobo community and still play important roles be it in rituals of birth, coming of age, marriage, or after life.

Krobo Vibe  is a multi layered, wrap bracelet made with a combination of 12mm, 10mm and 6mm beads.  A unique style and one size fit that can be easily adjusted to your wrist if needed. This beautiful creation is beaded using a sturdy sterling silver memory wire creating spiral wraps for perfect layers while retaining the bracelet shape - no cumbersome clasps.  You’ll be amazed at how easily this unique piece will coordinate with your wardrobe due to it’s wide color pallet - or simply add a delicious pop of color to a basic white shirt and jeans.

The free trade Beads purchased to create this piece contributed to the “Compasión Collective” which looks to feed, cloth and shelter refugees and homeless worldwide.