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Garden Path - Single Strand Bracelet

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Indulge in understated elegance with our Garden Path - Single Strand Bracelet. Adorned with beautiful Yellow Jade and creamy Fossil Stones, as well as an artisan Cloisonné focal bead. Cloisonné is an art-form of intricately designed enamel beads resembling stained glass art, showcasing patterns of flowers. Finished with gleaming gold toned accents, this elegant piece is perfect for every day or for special occasions. 

Jade is one of the oldest meditation crystals, often referred to as the stone of luck and happiness. Jade stones, generally, are believed to hold energies of both love and courage - needed to follow one’s dreams. Fossils are linked to the earth element, enhancing intuition and imbuing a sense of organization and harmony. These ancient relics offer invaluable lessons in embracing the ever-changing cycle of life with a sense of assuredness and stability.            

Garden Path is a graceful, single strand bracelet that is naturally elegant and humble by design. Made with 10mm beads and stretch beading cord for a comfortable one size fit. Elevate your outfit with this stylish accessory, perfect for every day wear.  Bracelets within the Inner Circle collection are complementary by design and can be easily stacked for a stunning layering effect.