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Baltic Pine - Memory Wrap Bracelet

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Baltic Pine - Memory Wrap Bracelet truly evokes the beauty of Baltic Pines within the dunes. An exquisite balance between two captivating natural hues - the golden warmth of natural Amber and the organic, graceful patterns of Tree Agate stones. Intricate silver toned accents add a ornate, old world charm, complemented by Milky Jade and Sunstone focal beads. The  “tree of life” charms represent growth, family, and interconnectedness. A fresh and elegant piece.

 Amber holds a strong connection to the Sun and Earth. Known for energies of renewal and cleansing among those who meditate, some believe that Amber’s energy neutralizes heavy moods and bad vibes. Tree Agate is a grounding stone helping us to attain true inner peace and maintain it despite the occasional chaos inherent in life.  Milky Yellow Jade is  known as a calming stone that promotes harmony in all areas of your life. Sunstone (also known as Blood Stone) energies are believed to heighten intuition and increase creativity.

Baltic Pine is a multi layered, wrap bracelet made with 6mm, 8mm stones and beads and 12mm focal beads.  A unique style and one size fit that can be easily adjusted to your wrist if needed. This beautiful creation is beaded using a sturdy sterling silver memory wire creating spiral wraps for perfect layers while retaining the bracelet shape - no cumbersome clasps. A beautifully natural and versatile accessory that is perfect for every day wear.