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Aura - 3 Piece Bracelet Set

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Aura 3 Piece Bracelet Set illuminates your wrist with a gentle glow.  This radient contemporary design features rectangular and round Amber gems, blending seamlessly with the mossy shades of sparkling Pyrite, polished Agate and Fossil stones. Gleaming brass accents complete this elegant design, adding the perfect amount of shimmer.   Ideal for any occasion, this unique set adds interest and dimension to your look.

Amber holds a strong connection to the Sun and Earth. Known for energies of renewal and cleansing among those who meditate, some believe that Amber’s energy neutralizes heavy moods and bad vibes. Pyrite stones are often called "Fool's Gold," associated with attracting wealth, abundance, and good luck due to its sparkling metallic flecks and gold-like appearance. Agate is believed to carry grounding, balancing and centering energies.  Fossil energies are believed to heighten intuition, teaching us to be aware of the cycle of life and to embrace change with a feeling of security. 

Aura consists of 3 stretch bracelets designed to be worn stacked, individually or combined multiple ways to suit your personal style. This bracelet set is made with a combination of 10mm, 8mm and 6mm beads creating an interesting silhouette. All bracelets are crafted with stretch beading cord for a one size fit  easy to wear without cumbersome clasps.