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Olivia - 3 Piece Bracelet Set

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Let the soothing green hues of Olivia elegantly accent your style. Square-shaped Olive Agate stones create intrigue and interest, while Jade stones with carved patterns add beautiful texture. A special addition to this piece includes glittering Pyrite stones with their sparkling metallic lustre, adding a stunning contrast.  Decorative silver toned accents perfectly balance the soft lime green tones.  Adorned with natural semi-precious stones, these lightweight bracelets make a bold yet sophisticated fashion statement sitting smoothly on your wrist for all-day comfort.

Agate Stones are believed by some to hold protective properties helping to anchor one to the earth and feel balanced and centered. Agate energies are is also known to help provide a broader perspective and help to see any situation as it truly is, both the pros and cons. Jade is one of the oldest meditation crystals, often referred to as the stone of luck and happiness. Jade stones, generally, are believed to hold energies of both love and courage - needed to follow ones dreams. Pale green Jade, specifically, is also known for longevity and well being.  Pyrite is known as a stone of intelligence and protection, shielding its wearer from negative energy.

Olivia consists of 3 stretch bracelets crafted using 6mm and 10mm semi precious beads along with large square Agate stones.  Designed to be worn stacked, individually or combined multiple ways to suit your personal style.  All bracelets are thoughtfully made using stretch beading cord for a comfortable one size fit - easy to wear without cumbersome clasps. Bracelets are one size fits all and ideal for gift giving.