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Eternal Youth - 3 Piece Bracelet Set

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Ancient beliefs ascribe Amber with the power of preservation, venerated as an emblem of eternal youth. This bracelet set weaves Authentic Amber gemstones of a rectangular shape with the playful Dalmatian Jasper Stones, whilst the frosted and polished Agate Stones, as well as the textured Lava Stones, coalesce to create a firey, eye-catching contrast to the silver toned accents. An artistic blend of textures and hues.

Amber holds a strong connection to the Sun and Earth. Known for energies of renewal and cleansing among those who meditate, some believe that Amber’s energy neutralizes heavy moods and bad vibes. Dalmatian Jasper is known for protection as well as open expression, joy, and laughter - said to create a sense of playfulness in those who wear it and reminding us to enjoy the simple things in life. Agate is believed to carry grounding, balancing and centering energies.

Eternal Youth consists of 3 stretch bracelets designed to be worn stacked, individually or combined multiple ways to suit your personal style. This bracelet set is made with a combination of 10mm, 8mm and 6mm beads creating an interesting silhouette. All bracelets are a one size fit, and easy to wear without cumbersome clasps.  

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