Beaded Treasures by Dana

Call of the Waves - 3-Way Necklace & Bracelet

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Is there anything quite as blissful as a stroll by the seashore? The call of the waves reaching out and the cerulean-blue waters are mesmerizing. This uplifting design blends the rich blue/green tones of Agate tumble stone, glimmering White Agate and Ivory and Dark toned woods, emulating deep ocean blues, white caps and pristine sand.

Blue Agate is said to be a stone of peace and calm - raising self awareness helping with self love and self acceptance. Agate stones generally are believed to have protective properties helping to anchor one to the earth and feel balanced and centred. Wood mala beads are believed by many to hold an energy of growth and wisdom.

Call of the Waves is a 36” single strand necklace made with 10mm and 8mm beads and gold toned accents. This 3-way stretch necklace is lightweight and designed for easy wear, transitioning seamlessly from a single strand, to a collar necklace or layered bracelet. Made with sturdy, stretch beading cord that is pliable enough to wrap multiple ways while retaining its shape - no cumbersome clasps. A beautifully natural and versatile accessory that is perfect for every day wear, for travel or yoga.   PS. This piece looks fabulous with jeans!

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