The Significance of Beads

Creating with beads is one of the oldest art forms in existence.  In fact, beads may actually be the oldest art form.

The history of beads begins over 40,000 years ago and evidence of their existence has been found in many ancient cultures and civilizations. They have been used not only for making jewelry, but also as currency, ceremonially and spiritually.

The ancient Egyptian culture considered beads as a token to bring good luck. The Native American culture honoured their spiritual ancestors through handcrafted beading.  In African cultures beads were thought to help evoke the power of the gods in their religion and were used during rituals and as a form of communication.  In the Hindu religion, beads are used for purposes of repeating mantras during prayer. The Buddhists believe that beads will help them to attain enlightenment.

In some cultures they are incorporated and used in healing rituals. Beads and beading have also been known to represent status and be seen as a symbol of wealth and power.

Whether you love beads for their beauty, their purported healing properties or for any other reason, understanding their history and cultural significance provides a new appreciation of the art o beading.

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